Gladiator is another word for the warrior that resides within each one of us. The Gladiator within represents our  infinite nature, which allows us to tap into the furthest corners of our Imaginations. And it’s a Path because it takes time and acceptance to find the gateway of this infinite nature of ours.

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‘The Battle continues,
but I am prepared now,
as my Dear Friend Divine,
has got me by the hand
and continues to shine light
upon my desert-like heart!’


‘Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

show us the way

of actually entering Your Divine Play!

This servant of yours

is making a plea!’


‘Thus, I petition to Your attention,

my heartfelt intentions

of purifying my heart

and taking shelter

of Your Lotus Feet!’


‘Your heart will expand to all creatures that fly,

to all that swim,

and to all that walk and run!

Ultimately, the heart will know no bound,
while jumping, dancing, and singing for your Dear Friend Divine!’

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