Empty hearts, empty souls,

walking up and down.

This aimless crowd,

lacks the sound,

the sound of joy,

the sound of peace,

the sound of hope,

and the sound of beautiful tomorrow.

Not knowing who they are,

what they are,

how they are,

and why they are.

Numbing spirits pouring down their throats,

Slowly building up their walls.

 Walls defending them from what?!

Clueless, they are about that!

Keep playing up the roles,

 of the sons and  the daughters,

the brothers and the sisters,

the husbands and the wives,

the businessmen and the businesswomen,

the consultants and the advisers,

the politicians and the diplomats,

the artists and the musicians,

the kings and the queens,

the gods and the goddesses.

Ignoring the simple fact,

that the Goddess of All,

Her timeless Majesty the Queen of Death,

Has them All!

Alone they were born,

Alone they will perish!

For them all,

 her Majesty’s Cosmic Dance,

ceaselessly unfolds,

step after step,

breath after breath,

smile after smile,

and teardrop after teardrop.

Leaving only, a trail of Cosmic Stardust,

a basket full of,

 dreams unfollowed,

fears unchallenged,

words unsaid,

and promises never kept!

A veil of melancholy,


and darkness

has engulfed this crowd.

The little Lightness left,

 has been buried,

somewhere deep into the hearts.

The little joy, the little beauty,

The little inner peace,

something big, some bigger Force,

a Promethean determination,

would be needed,

to bring it out into the world.

If not that, a little crisis,

A little loss,

A little pain,

A little bit of that, or a little bit of this,

is all is needed,

to remind,

this hopeless and aimless crowd,

about the Beauty that lies within,

within the hearts in each one of them.

Oh, this inner Beauty,

oh, this inner Love,

is the only tool,

 to embrace,

the Cosmic Dance,

of her Majesty,

the Queen, the Goddess of Death,

and then dance with Her,

dance with Her,

‘till the end of times,

‘till their final breath,

‘till their final step, or smile!

And if that’s not recipe for Life,

I don’t know what else there is!?

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