Hey dear friend,

it’s me again.

It’s been a long day,

that I haven’t had the say,

once again you stole my attention away!

Hey dear friend,

I am questioning you again-

what are you looking at,

what stories are you telling,

what pictures are you painting?

Hey dear friend,

criticising is a wobbly bridge,

fantasising is a crazy witch,

and comparing is an ugly ditch.

Let go your grip off my attention,

let me help you understand the situation,

and simply follow my lead

into the Dance Divine creation!

God’s Name is the boat,

that will carry you,

to His Divine Abode.

God’s Name is the key,

that will unlock the door,

to His Divine Creation!

Hey dear mind,

let your grip off my attention,

so I can dance, laugh, and play

in His Divine Creation!

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