Everybody has that brother

who carries what we lack,

who never lets us down,

who knows what we are all about.

Everybody has that brother,

that steps up for us,

that would fight for us,

that would play with us.

Even if we don’t have such a brother,

sometimes our mind acts as one-

he supports us, he inspires us, he ignites us.

Sometimes he plays the evil brother,

he fights with us, he annoys us, he deludes us,

but he’s our brother.

Even the Divine has a brother,

even They fight sometimes,

even They play sometimes,

but at the end of the day,

They love each other all the time.

So we the forgetful souls,

have the chance,

to find a brother in this Boy Divine,

to play and fight with Him,

till the end of time.

Now is the time

to hold up hands,

and call out our Brother Divine!


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