Dancing with Death

From cradle to grave,

life is a dance.

Dance of bodies,

dance of minds,

dance of hearts.

Dance partners come and go,

but Death never let us go!

Boyhood, adulthood, and old age,

are the different styles we change.

Husbands, wives, daughters and sons,

are the different partners,

with whom we engage.

Step to the left,

step to the right,

dying slowly

 with every breath we take.

Sometimes we lose the rhythm,

often times we mistake the tune,

and most times we forget,

that Death leads the dance.

Dancing with Death daily,

makes our hearts fearless,

to forget ourselves,

and simply be the spark,

that ignites the fire,

in the hearts of others.

Dancing with Death daily,

is the only way for us

to embrace life fully,

in the here and now,

‘cause This moment is part of


‘cause This moment is part of


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