Step up!

Hey dear friend,

I didn’t come here to

complain, nor indulge,

 or enjoy!

Your habits of attachment

are misdirecting

my practices of detachment.

You have tied my intelligence,

with the poisoning ropes of anger, greed and lust.

You have stolen my attention,

with your endless conversations.

Oh, dear mind,

I have nothing else to do,

but only preach to you!

It’s time for you to step up,

for you were born to endure,

for you were born to secure,

the hearts of others

from eternal starvation.

Step up dear friend,

for your time has come,

to be an instrument of Grace,

to help others transition into sacred space.

You can’t hold onto this body forever,

so simply get your act together!

When the time of death arrives,

will you be able to surmise

how well and how much

you gave yourself to others?

So, step up dear mind,

grab the torch of knowledge,

and help illuminate the path,

on the way of Salvation!

Step up dear mind,

for this Flute Player Devine,

is greedy for everybody’s adoration!

Step up dear mind,

do not despair,

for I always think of you

with the best of intentions!

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