Oh, dear Friend Divine

it’s time to draw the line

and see where we have come

up to this time.

Words were said,

mistakes were made,

now lessons have to be learned.

We can’t move forward,

unless we sit down

and think it over.

We run after lofty ideals,

and preach all kinds of spiritual truths,

yet we are faltering behind,

drowning slowly in our own fear.

We go left and right,

offending everyone in sight,

yet proclaiming that

Devine Love is might!

We stumble on the rocks of

greed, envy, and lust,

yet we are shouting Thy Holy Name out,

and asking everyone else to follow.

Hence, Oh Dear Friend Divine,

You took everything away,

and never let us have a say.

Well, we reckon this is Your

special mercy

that comes to very few, indeed!

They say it’s special

‘cause your Divine Intention

is to always increase our


towards Your direction!  

Indeed, reckoning is upon us –

‘Which way do we take now? –

The one that leads to hell

or the other that leads to You!’

I guess, we

have to sit and listen

for Your Flute Divine

to penetrate our

stone cold hearts!

I guess, we

have to be patient

and wait for the wind of change

to blow in the Right Direction!

I guess, we

have to pray

for your Divine Intervention!

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