My head has become a rollercoaster!

Thoughts, feelings, impressions,

suggestions, questions,

and all kinds of ruminations,

are spinning up and down

the corridors of my mind.

The turnings of my restless mind

has taken hostage my aching heart.

Turning to the left

where pride and lust

have made a nest

and are laying the eggs

of anger and contempt.

Turning to the right

where frustration and desperation

have built a house

and are bringing up

their kid lamentation!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine

how can one be humble,

how can one but not stumble,

when the mirror of the heart

is so full of dirt indeed?

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

how can I chant Thy Holy Name,

how can I enter Your Divine Play,

when the turnings of the mind

are polluting my intention?

Oh, Dear Friend,

I beg for Your Grace,

so, that the turnings calm down,

so, that the mind stops blowing down,

so, that the heart can become the king

and clear everything out!

Oh, Divine well-wishers,

oh, Divine Teachers and Preachers,

glance upon my wretched heart,

so, I can trust again,

so, I can find the way,

and ultimately serve all of you

till my final day!

This aspirant servant

submits his plea!

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