My heart has become

an impenetrable shell

that even You,

Dear Friend Divine,

are having troubles


I have been building day and night,

with my distracted mind,

this wall around my heart!

Envy is my bricks,

lust is my cement,

anger is my water,

and greed is my fix!

Labouring day and night,

I am building my fortress

of isolation,

of misidentification,

of frustration,

and adulteration!

Distant and foreign voices

are spinning like rollercoasters

in my head:

‘You are not enough,

you would fail,

there is no point of this or that!’

A constant reminder

of past mistakes,

of roads unfollowed,

 of dreams forgotten,

and of opportunities abandoned!

The days I had full faith,

full trust,

and lack of fear,

seem from another lifetime!

My heart has become an impenetrable shell, indeed!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

all the holy scriptures,

all the saintly persons,

all the divine well-wishers,

they promise one thing­–

that Thy Holy Name

is the cure for all,



and confusions!

Alas, it seems,

You have neglected me,

and cheated me!

But I am not surprised at all,

as You are known as tribhanga (three-fold bend),

and Your ways, indeed,

they are crooked!

I have nothing else to do

but hope against hope,

for the transcendental vibration

coming from Your flute divine,

to penetrate my impenetrable heart!

I have nothing else to do but wait for You,

to penetrate this shell-like heart of mine!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

simply hear my cry out

and make me dance

till I find the way out!

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