Calling You!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

it’s me again!

I know You must have had enough,

but, hey, I won’t give up calling You!

I keep swimming in the dualities

of this material world

yet, trying to call out for You,

alas, I guess that is what hypocrites do!

The sages of the past promised me

that Your Names Divine

will intoxicate my mind and heart,

but chanting Them,

I feel nothing else, but deaf and blind!

Oh, the sages

 they promised,

that the tongue will dance

in my mouth,

tasting the transcendental sound,

and experiencing the bliss of being unbound!

Alas, all I feel is as if

I am chewing the ground­,

tasteless, bitter, poisonous,

trepidations in my heart–

no trace of transcendental sound,

no trace of ecstatic dancing all around!

Anyway, I will keep calling You,

for I have faith in promises,

for I know that pleases You,

for I have nothing else to lose.

I will keep calling You,

so, one day the bitter taste goes far away,

so, one day my poisoned mind becomes unbound,

so, one day my heart dances all around!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

please, kindly,

reveal Yourself

in Thy Holy Name!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

now is the time,

to let me taste

the boundless bliss

coming from your Flute Divine!

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