Oh, dear mind,

are you not tired of

always thinking

of ‘me’, ‘mine’, and ‘I’?

Endless days,

endless nights,

you are cycling around

and around,

always coming to the same point

of satisfying

 your own senses,

while disregarding the hearts of others!

Always coming to the same point,

of deriving pleasure

from being cynical and envious

of others!

Always coming to the same point,

of cheating yourself

with the latest distractions!

Throw away these mindless patterns,

abandon all useless matters,

and simply grab hold of the

lotus feet of all saintly teachers!

Cry, shout, and beg for their mercy,

as they can ignite the fire,

that will start a revolution

within your heart

and there will be no trace of any

mindless chatter!  

Their mercy will indeed

bring you to your Friend Divine,

Who will allow for your heart to expand!

Then, the mind will be quiet and

the heart will speak!

It will expand beyond your kin, nation, and land,

even beyond your precious life!

Your heart will expand to all creatures that fly,

to all that swim,

and to all that walk and run!

Ultimately, the heart will know no bound,

while jumping, dancing, and singing for your Dear Friend Divine!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

simply help us overcome

our conditioned minds,

so, that our hearts can expand,

beyond the conceptions of ‘I’ and ‘mine’!

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