I woke up in this

material body one day

and started immediately

countless roles to play.

Playing day and night,

I presumed that I was always right,

but often forgetting that

only acting out of Love is might!


 I played the role of the

obedient son,

who had to act

in accordance with

his parents’ wishes.


I played the role of the

trustful friend

who had to act

for the sake of his brother

in times of need.


I played the role of the

courageous hero

who had to slay

some dragons

and safe some

beautiful maidens.  

Roles all we play,

of teachers,

of politicians,

of fathers and mothers,

of workers and artists

and of intellectuals and engineers.

There is no other way,

but roles to play,

and mostly we have no

real say

‘cause life throws us away!

Role after role,

day after day,

life after life,

we play and play and play!

Alas, forgetting in this whole role play

that there is only one real Role to be,

and that is a servant of Thy Lotus Feet!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

wash away all these temporary roles,

and let us remember our absolute one

of a servant of all!

Allow us to transcend

and stop to pretend

that we are anything but a

simple servant of all!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

show us the way

of actually entering Your Divine Play!

This servant of yours

is making a plea!

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