An Ocean of Flowers

Oh, Dear Friend Divine

there is an ocean of flowers

and I am one of them!

I am waiting amongst

all the other flowers,

hoping against hope,

for the moment when You notice me!

Oh, when will that day come

when You send Your

most Beloved Servants

to come and pick me up,

so, that they can put me on

the flower garlands that

decorate Your gentle neck!

Oh, when that day comes,

I will be finally able to

render a little bit of

service to Your Lotus Feet!

Oh, when that day comes,

I will be able to intoxicate You

with my beautiful fragrance,

I will be able to beautify Your Smile,

with my exquisite colours,

oh, I will be able to charm You

with my tender petals.

Oh, when that day comes,


I will be there,


Your Flute playing,

Your dancing,

and Your swaying!

I will be there,


Your joking words,

Your gambling games,

and Your swinging plays!

I will be there,


Your cheating ways,

Your swimming days,

and You hiding in the hays!

Until that day comes,

oh, Dear Friend Divine,

there is lots of work to do,

there are lots of souls to serve,

in the here and now,

alas, there is plenty of suffering

all around!

Thus, it’s time for You

to ignite my heart,

so, I can intoxicate others

with the nectar coming from

 Thy Holy Names!

So, one day You can

notice them amongst

all the other flowers in the ocean!

So, one day You can

call for your Beloved Servants

to pick them up,

and make a flower garland

out of their hearts!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

I know it’s a lot to ask,

but hey,

 I have no other task,

except to wait and pray

for that day to come!


 My heart has become

an impenetrable shell

that even You,

Dear Friend Divine,

are having troubles


I have been building day and night,

with my distracted mind,

this wall around my heart!

Envy is my bricks,

lust is my cement,

anger is my water,

and greed is my fix!

Labouring day and night,

I am building my fortress

of isolation,

of misidentification,

of frustration,

and adulteration!

Distant and foreign voices

are spinning like rollercoasters

in my head:

‘You are not enough,

you would fail,

there is no point of this or that!’

A constant reminder

of past mistakes,

of roads unfollowed,

 of dreams forgotten,

and of opportunities abandoned!

The days I had full faith,

full trust,

and lack of fear,

seem from another lifetime!

My heart has become an impenetrable shell, indeed!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

all the holy scriptures,

all the saintly persons,

all the divine well-wishers,

they promise one thing­–

that Thy Holy Name

is the cure for all,



and confusions!

Alas, it seems,

You have neglected me,

and cheated me!

But I am not surprised at all,

as You are known as tribhanga (three-fold bend),

and Your ways, indeed,

they are crooked!

I have nothing else to do

but hope against hope,

for the transcendental vibration

coming from Your flute divine,

to penetrate my impenetrable heart!

I have nothing else to do but wait for You,

to penetrate this shell-like heart of mine!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

simply hear my cry out

and make me dance

till I find the way out!


Hey, Dear Friend Divine,

I am nothing but a spark

of your Cosmic Manifestation!

Flying here and there,

always trying to compare

with the Big Flare that You are.

Flying here and there,

always trying to talk

like You, walk like You, enjoy like You,

play like You,

basically, be You!

Indeed, my conditioning

is preventing me from

the pure transitioning,

into the space of sacred service!

The wind of confusion,

the thunder of delusion,

make up a storm that

washes away from me

the last drop of

faith in your Sacred Divine Space!

The great teachers of the past

always taught humility,

but alas,

my only goal

is to be known by all!

Pride, vanity, and greed,

all these prostitutes,

are dancing in my heart,

oh, alas,

their pimp lust,

have enslaved my trust!  

Hey, Dear Friend Divine,

please, kindly remind me

that I am simply a spark,

part of Your

effulgent Smile!

Oh, please focus my mind

on serving everyone

and make me kind,

so, I don’t offend anyone,

so, I don’t scold anyone,

but act out of love for everyone!

This is the position that

I beg you to keep me in,

and never let me slip out!

Let me be the spark that I was meant to be

and serve everyone I see!


My head has become a rollercoaster!

Thoughts, feelings, impressions,

suggestions, questions,

and all kinds of ruminations,

are spinning up and down

the corridors of my mind.

The turnings of my restless mind

has taken hostage my aching heart.

Turning to the left

where pride and lust

have made a nest

and are laying the eggs

of anger and contempt.

Turning to the right

where frustration and desperation

have built a house

and are bringing up

their kid lamentation!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine

how can one be humble,

how can one but not stumble,

when the mirror of the heart

is so full of dirt indeed?

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

how can I chant Thy Holy Name,

how can I enter Your Divine Play,

when the turnings of the mind

are polluting my intention?

Oh, Dear Friend,

I beg for Your Grace,

so, that the turnings calm down,

so, that the mind stops blowing down,

so, that the heart can become the king

and clear everything out!

Oh, Divine well-wishers,

oh, Divine Teachers and Preachers,

glance upon my wretched heart,

so, I can trust again,

so, I can find the way,

and ultimately serve all of you

till my final day!

This aspirant servant

submits his plea!


Tidal wave after tidal wave,

the turnings of the mind


rise and fall, rise and fall,

and don’t let me float above

all that drags me below

the surface of my soul.

I try gasping for precious air,

but only my ego gets inflated

and my mind screams-

‘I really don’t care!’

I put up my hands in the sky

and I keep begging the Divine

for the ‘right’ signs.

Alas, all it comes to my heart,

is filtered by my mind,

who is almost never very kind,

and distracts me till the end of time!

I ask You for the Direction

where I can find Perfection,

but You give me only suggestions!

I know it’s all Part of Your Divine Play,

I know You watch me from the bushes and the hay,

I know You always want me to pray,

but hey, it’s time for You to let go,

and reveal Yourself in Thy Holy Name!

Without Your Grace,

we are all directionless,

not knowing where to go,

what to do, how to act,

what to feel!

Without Your Grace,

we are like shooting stars,

running out of fuel,

soon to be put

out of existence!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

it’s only Your Grace,

that can show us the Direction,

on the way to Perfection!


Living in darkness

is not easy indeed,

but pretending

to have wisdom

is worse of a deed!

Looking within

the mirror of the heart

I see anything but


Shadows of

past and future

lives are

crawling down

the corridors of my mind.

I’ve armed myself

with the cloth and spray

scrubbing every inch of dirt

alas, light is not coming up my way!

My old friends pride and anger

are dragging down my attention

and completely polluting my intention!

I try to compose a line,

so, I can glorify Your Smile,

but only brother lust

dances on the central stage

of my senses.

I’ve lost my way

and have no more

things to say

so, I guess it’s time

to pray!

Hey Dear Friend Divine,

illuminate my mind,

so, I can chase all the

shadows away!

Illuminate my thoughts,

so, I can compose some

lines for You!

Illuminate my body,

so, I can jump and dance

for You!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

illuminate my heart

so, I can be

the spark that

ignites the fire,

which starts a revolution

in the hearts of others!  

Oh, kindly,


my soul,

so, I can surrender it all!

Divine Teachers

Oh, Divine Teachers,

oh, Divine Preachers,

when will you

take me by the hand

and teach me how to play

instruments for the pleasure of

the Couple Divine?


Oh, Divine Teachers,

oh, Divine Preachers,

when will you

take me by the hand

and teach me how to

decorate the clothes

for the pleasure of

Radha Shyamasundar?


Oh, Divine Teachers,

oh, Divine Preachers,

when will you

take me by the hand

and teach me how to make

the best of sweets

for the pleasure of

Radha Madan Mohan?


Oh, Divine Teachers,

oh, Divine Preachers,

when will you

take me by the hand

and teach me how to write

the most exquisite lines

for the pleasure of

Radha Govinda?


Oh, Divine Teachers,

oh, Divine Preachers,

when will you

take me by the hand

and teach me the most

exquisite dance moves

so I can delight

Radha Gopinath?


Oh, Divine Teachers,

oh, Divine Preachers,

when will you

take me by the hand

and teach me how to sing

melodious tunes

so I can delight

Radha Murlidhari?


Thus, this aspiring servant

is calling on the Divine Teachers!

Thus, this aspiring servant

is tolerating the blows of the mind!


I carry my pride,

my anger, my lust,

in the chambers of my heart,

but this prevents me from

allowing myself to trust.

All the cynical comments,

all the insensitive jokes,

and petty judgements,

are the heavy burden,

that prevents me from following hope.

Humility is a mirage in the desert.

Etiquette and respect are some things

that I can’t really accept.

Taking care of others­–

no, no, this really does not


More tolerant than a tree­–

nah, that’s not for me!

True, I am not this body,

but I am within this body.

Thus, I need to take care of it,

I need to bear with it,

I simply need to carry

the heavy burden I have


Everybody carries a baggage,

so dear mind,

simply deal with it!

I know it’s hard,

I know you’re wild,

but with the help of the Divine,

everything will be fine.

This Boy Divine

is always anxious to help,

us the forgetful souls.

At the same time,

this Boy Divine,

likes to make us cry for Him

from time to time.

I guess we have to cry,

so one day the burden of our

troubles will go away,

and eventually we’ll be

able to dance for this Boy Divine.

I guess crying for the Divine

is the tax that we have to pay,

so we may enter His play!

Well, dear friend Divine,

please, kindly show me the way,

where I can pay!


Walking down the

forest path

veering to the

left and right,

for a moment

I believed

I was always right!


I stepped on the

thorns of pride,

and lost everything

that I hold tight!

Then, the mind,

started acting

not so kind

and fooled me

so I became

completely blind!  

Now, lost in the woods,

completely blinded by

my moods,

I forgot the purpose of

of my walk.

It seems

there is only one thing left to do

and that is always listen and pray to You!

It seems I am gonna have to trust,

transcend all my lust,

and simply beg for your Embrace!

Actually, being lost in the woods,

does not seem that bad,

when You have me by the hand!

Actually, being lost in the woods,

allowed me to value

every step of the path

and simply surrender

fully my heart!

Yes, sometimes,

I will stumble,

but this is how

You make me humble!

Yes, sometimes,

 I won’t know the way,

but this is how

You like to play!

So, dear Friend Divine,

let me lose my way,

let me stumble,

make me humble,

but let me also

enter Your Divine Play!

It’s time!

Enough of adoration,

enough of self-condemnation,

enough of sense gratification!

I have been wasting day and night,

slowly losing sight

of Your words Divine!

‘Come to Me… do not fear!’­­–

does not enter my ear.

‘Let go of pride and lust!’–

my mind trembles in disgust.

‘Serve Me, worship Me, adore Me!’–

it seems my heart is placed

on me only.

Enough of distractions,


and petty reactions.

Oh, dear brother mind,

it’s time for you,

to start worship the Divine!

It’s time for you to heal,

the wounds of old battles,

the scars of childhood fights,

and the traumas of your old ways!

It’s time for you to rise,

from the ashes of the past,

and simply fly above the

hurdles that come on your way!

It’s time to sing,

it’s time to praise,

it’s time to dance,

and lose yourself,

in the bliss of His Holy Names!

It’s time to serve,

it’s time to help,

and surrender yourself,

in the bliss of His Universal Embrace!

No more procrastination,

no more intoxication,

neither infatuation,

rather only dedication

on the path of Salvation!

It’s time to be more humble

than a blade of grass,

more tolerant than tree,

 and simply serve everyone

you see!

Oh, brother mind,

it’s time finally

for you to

secure your

trust in the Divine!