The intention is what

dictates my attention,

but the unrestrained

ways of my attention

have enslaved my intention.

Clouded in isolation,

my heart suffers from starvation,

not knowing the taste of liberation,

lusting over for the latest creation!

I have been told

to clean the mirror of the heart,

from all past unrestrained intentions,

 undesired actions,

and misfortunate situations.

I try day and night,

I even curse in my mind,

but I am slowly suffocating

in my own frustration.

I have been told

to be lower than the grass,

more tolerant than a tree,

and see everyone as free.

All I see is

dirt and lust in my heart,

a heart full of guilt,

full of pride,

full of doubt!

A distant voice echos in my mind:

‘Purifying the intention

will make you the master of the attention,

and where your attention is,

that’s where you are!’

Indeed, by the grace of God,

I remembered now-

to keep cleaning that heart,

to keep serving the greats,

to keep praying for help!

Indeed, by the grace of God,

I remembered now-

to call out His Holy Names,

to hear out His mesmerising Flute,

to run towards His transcendental Dance!

Typically for this Boy Divine,

He shows Himself from time to time,

either from within,

sometimes from without,

 to remind us all,

that He never let us go!

Typically for us conditioned souls,

we rise and fall, rise and fall,

in the never-ending struggle

of purifying our heart’s intentions!

We rise and fall, rise and fall,

in becoming the master of our attentions!