All relationships are opportunities to serve.

Spiritual vision transforms ordinary experiences into extraordinary and the mundane encounters into opportunities to serve and act out of Love.

Something extraordinary occurred last night, as I was walking with a friend down a London street.

We were approached by a homeless guy who was asking for some spare change.
I said: ‘Sorry, mate! We don’t have any!’
Then he replied, while walking away: ‘Oh, that’s alright! Thanks anyway, usually people curse me before I finish asking!’
I replied: ‘Well, Hare Krishna to you!’
At that moment he turned back and said to us: ‘Hare Krishna!’ Well, that took me by surprise! I thought he was going to walk away but he stopped and came back and said: ‘You know, I am Christian but I know that Krishna is the name of God! Also, I always chant Hare Krishna, before I pray to God. It sort of keeps my mind clear and helps me focus! The Hare Krishna is not a religion, it’s a lifestyle.’
He carried on: ‘I was wondering what does ‘Hare’ mean, I understand Krishna is God, but what is this ‘Hare’?’
While he was speaking, I was thinking-‘Krishna Caitanya, Your Mercy has no limits indeed! No matter what position and situation one finds him/herself, Your Holy Names somehow always find a way to touch their heart!’
I said: ‘Well, ‘Hare’ is the Divine Feminine Energy…
I wanted to add something else but something immediately cliqued in his heart, evidenced by his facial expression. He had a moment of realisation right there!
He said: ‘Oh, that makes sense… so ‘Hare’ is the energy of God! ‘Oh, thanks, I understand now!’- as he lifted his fist waiting for me to fistbump him, which I did!
He walked away being grateful…

We also headed our own way home but this brief exchange was something extraordinary indeed! It made me realise that every encounter with any soul is an opportunity to serve, to act out of Love and transcend any material limitations such as social status, body, birth, gender etc. It also reminded me that Krishna is always present in the hearts of others, waiting for us to turn to Him. It also humbled me and made me aware of my limited vision, focused on the externals (the fact that this person was homeless), something to work on. Finally, I was amused to realise that Krishna is the greatest of playwriters- always putting us in the right place, at the right time, in the right circumstances, to serve/act in His Divine Plan (lila).

Radhe, Radhe!

Hari Om Tat Sat

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