Hey, Dear Friend Divine,

I am nothing but a spark

of your Cosmic Manifestation!

Flying here and there,

always trying to compare

with the Big Flare that You are.

Flying here and there,

always trying to talk

like You, walk like You, enjoy like You,

play like You,

basically, be You!

Indeed, my conditioning

is preventing me from

the pure transitioning,

into the space of sacred service!

The wind of confusion,

the thunder of delusion,

make up a storm that

washes away from me

the last drop of

faith in your Sacred Divine Space!

The great teachers of the past

always taught humility,

but alas,

my only goal

is to be known by all!

Pride, vanity, and greed,

all these prostitutes,

are dancing in my heart,

oh, alas,

their pimp lust,

have enslaved my trust!  

Hey, Dear Friend Divine,

please, kindly remind me

that I am simply a spark,

part of Your

effulgent Smile!

Oh, please focus my mind

on serving everyone

and make me kind,

so, I don’t offend anyone,

so, I don’t scold anyone,

but act out of love for everyone!

This is the position that

I beg you to keep me in,

and never let me slip out!

Let me be the spark that I was meant to be

and serve everyone I see!

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